baby legs & binky clips

I have recently been absent from the blogging world because of this sweet man pictured above.. But you know what that means!? Baby projects!! If you haven't already made either of these sweet gems, I'm here to tell you they're super easy! Baby legs tutorial here & binky clips here. Have fun!


Mobile - Chandelier

I saw this for sale on etsy and thought, "I can totally make that". So I did, and so can you! Unless you want to pay and get it off etsy :) Approx cost $5-6 (depending on what you already have)

- paper or paint swatches (shhh don't tell! jk)
- Circle template or paper punch (I used 4 diff sizes)
- wooden dowels
- scissors
-small hole puncher
- jewelry circles
- fishing line
- pencil (for tracing pattern if you don' t have paper punch)
- glue gun and glue stick (not pictured)

 First- Punch out your circles. 
I didn't have punches so I traced my circle and cute them out by hand. Not gonna lie, this was a little time consuming, but I had a whole week off from work :)

Second- If you don't have double sided paper or if you use paint swatches, glue 2 of the same size together. This might take a little planning; as far as what colors you have/want to use for which sizes. However, I think this is one of those projects that you can't mess up.

 Third- Once you've glued them all together lay them all out in the order that you want to hang them. Then start hole punching and hooking together. Note that the bottom circle only has one hole and the top circle I hooked 2 silver hoops together to hang on the dowel.

 Glue 2 dowels together as perfectly perpendicular as you can. Once you've got it where you want it, you can go around with extra glue to reinforce it. Then add you circle chains. Notice that the 4 inside chains are 1 circle longer than the 4 outside chains.

Beautiful and very inexpensive craft! I love it! I made this one for my little guy on the way :) Let me know if you have any questions!


 Click here for the original inspiration from etsy


Empty Picture-Frame Wall Art

How to: Start your frame collection. I went to Savers & the DI (thrift stores) for a few months & bought random frame sizes. Try to keep in mind the shapes & sizes that you've already purchased. Frames ranged from $1-$3.

 When you have enough to make a cluster, lay them out & arrange them a few different ways. Be sure to take pics as you go, so you can remember how they went & also compare which arrangements you like better.

 Spray Paint!!! Lay down some butcher paper or whatever you have & trace your frames. I also tried to guess where the nail was going to go & made a mark on the paper.

Then hang the paper on the wall where you want them to go... Start nailing!

There you have it! Cute right?! I love them :)


DIY Pedestal Table

Turn an old lamp and picture frame into a pedestal table. I absolutely loved how this project turned out! Step by step tutorial located here.

The little girl in the frame was kinda creepy :/

Before the antiquing glaze. Another sweet tutorial here.

You can personalize with fabric or paper. I used 2 pieces of paper (1. solid dark brown 2. doily looking, scrapbook, plastic sheet that was clear on some parts to see the brown paper)

Pictures on a Curtain Rod?

-using things for something other than what they're intended for! Got the idea from here. Also cute for a playroom to display kids art.
-IKEA! $15 for the wire and $5 for the clips


applique onesies

 Had enough of applique onesies? NEVER! Loved making these for my friend's baby shower :)

- blank onesies
- fabric (for the tie & vest/suspenders)
- heat n bond
- scissors
- iron
- sewing machine + coordinating thread

First things first, wash and dry your fabric + onesies. Next, make some patterns. For mine I used paper; it took me a few tries to get the right sizes. I cut them out and tried them on the onesies.

Lay your patterns on the heat n bond to determine how much you'll need. Follow the directions and bond to the fabric. Trace your patterns on the back and cut them out. Iron them in place where desired.

Stitch around close to the edge of the tie and vest/suspenders. You can use a zig zag stitch if you want. I used a straight stitch (which I though was easier, because I still consider myself a beginner). Optional- add a few buttons to the vest.

Easy peasy! Let me know if you have any ?'s


{butterfly} note cards

I fell in love with these little {note cards} the moment I first saw them. Clean and Simple. Lucky for me, I have oodles of butterflies already punched out (thanks kids) so I was ready to sew them on that same afternoon....

Supplies you will need:
Patterned paper
Plain card stock for your "card"
Paper punches
Sewing machine, thread & scissors

Step 1. Go to town with your punches.... or give your kids something to do. It will keep them busy for awhile, punching and then picking up the shapes :)

Step 2. Cut plain card stock in to strips (3" x 6")

Step 3. Score down the middle for easy folding.

Step 4. Layer 3 of the butterflies in the middle of the "front side" of the card.

Step 5. Make sure your card is OPEN.... Sew straight down the center of the butterflies. I stitched about a 1/2" before and after the butterflies. I did not back stitch.

Step 6. Trim the threads and fold the butterflies in half... helping them fan out a bit away from the card.

Visit Little Birdie Secrets for more photos and their tutorial.

SO CUTE! We have already used a bunch for birthday cards.
Now I need to make more~

pots of moss

Spring has sprung! Made these MOSS POTS for a church dinner party last month. Went with a sophisticated "garden party" look. We used fresh white flowers and fruit from the gardens of many sisters. Put a little pot of moss at each place setting... thanks to Martha for the idea. Covered each pot with a glass, so it looked like a mini terrarium. Instead of using the pots for name cards, the tags read charity to go with the theme {Charity Never Faileth}. In case you were wondering, we had a salad & potato bar, served warm homemade rolls... AND enjoyed a slice of chocolate texas sheet cake covered with whip cream & chocolate shavings on top!

To make your own MOSS POTS, you will need:
1 1/2-inch terra-cotta pots
bag of floral sheet moss
print out name cards/tags
glue gun

Step 1. Pull off a bunch of moss.
Step 2. Fill the terra-cotta pot with moss.
Step 3. Shape the moss.
Step 4. Trim down twig.
Step 5. Insert twig in center.
Step 6. Glue the tag to twig.

This may be the finishing touch you need for your Easter dinner :)

I also planted {wheatgrass} the week before and it grew just in time!! Found the green and white shallow glass pots at the dollar store and the red wheat berries were only $0.89/lb in the bulk food section. This made PERFECT inexpensive spring decor!! It looked so fresh. I am ready to plant more for Easter....


Scrabble Pillows

It's about time for a new project!!! I am a little obsessed with these pillows :) They're actually covers; I was a little sick of a few of my pillows, so I made covers for them instead of throwing them out. And I am aware that it doesn't spell anything.. they stand for Scott + Lyndsey <3 <3 <3

They were really easy to make!

What I used
-fabric (cream canvas & black cotton)
-heat n bond (lite)
-sewing machine (needle + corresponding thread)
-old pillow (or filling if you want to make a pillow)

Step 1
    Measure your pillow. Add an inch (this will be for the front side of the pillow). My pillow was 18.5x18.5 (so I cut my fabric 19.5x19.5). Then for back/envelope side, you're supposed to add 4in to 19.5 (23.5x19.5).. but I didn't have enough fabric to make that big of an envelope (but I made it work anyway!! Click here for an easy video tutorial that might explain it better than me :P

Here's what my pieces looked like cut out

Step 2
    Print out your letters. I found some free fonts here, and some other images here. Cut out your letter(s), place them on the heat n bond sheet and cut how much you'll need. Follow the directions for ironing onto your black fabric... Then place your letters face down and trace them. Cut out the letters, peel backing and pin where desired. Iron in place.

 Sew a straight stitch border close to the edge on your letter & number.

Step 3
    Fold and pin the edge on the long side of the smaller pieces (for the envelope back). You only need to do this to one side of the piece. See youtube tutorial mentioned above if this is confusing you :)

Step 4
    Place all your pieces right sides together. The back pieces will overlap a little to let you get your pillow in. Pin and sew 1/2in around all the edges. Don't forget to cut the corners when you're done sewing to make the corners look pretty :) Turn right side out and insert your pillow.

There you have it!! Had to post this pic of my cute Astro :P

Here were some other pics I found on the world wide web. SOOOO CUTEEEE!!! Let me know if you have any questions.


{teacup} pincushion

What you'll need:
- teacup
- spray paint (unless your teacup is already the color you want)
- fabric scrap (size of a dinner plate)
- needle + thread
- poly fil
- hot glue

Step 1. Find your teacup and spray paint it desired color. I found this one at the thrift store for $.75 :)

Step 2. Cut out your fabric (I had some left over from my tote :) I traced a dinner plate to get this size, but you'll want it 3-4 inches larger than your cup.

Step 3. Do a large running stitch about a 1/2 inch from the edge of the fabric. Then fill it with the poly fil. Tighten the thread and close off with a few stitches that go all the way through.

Step 4. Try in your puff before you put the glue in.. you might need to twist/fold some of the extra fabric that will be the bottom. Next part you'll have to be fast, unless you use another type of glue that gives you more working time. Put some hot glue in the bottom and sides of cup and place cushion where you want it. Hold until the glue cools a little. There you have it!

Cute and inexpensive gift idea for mother's day ;)