Empty Picture-Frame Wall Art

How to: Start your frame collection. I went to Savers & the DI (thrift stores) for a few months & bought random frame sizes. Try to keep in mind the shapes & sizes that you've already purchased. Frames ranged from $1-$3.

 When you have enough to make a cluster, lay them out & arrange them a few different ways. Be sure to take pics as you go, so you can remember how they went & also compare which arrangements you like better.

 Spray Paint!!! Lay down some butcher paper or whatever you have & trace your frames. I also tried to guess where the nail was going to go & made a mark on the paper.

Then hang the paper on the wall where you want them to go... Start nailing!

There you have it! Cute right?! I love them :)

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  1. hi pearl,

    I am also looking for decorating my wall the same way you did. Loved your idea...

    but is it have to be structured?? Cant the frames be scattered?? you know like, I purchase alll sizes & shapes and put them randomly??

    I am very confused. Please suggest.



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