baby legs & binky clips

I have recently been absent from the blogging world because of this sweet man pictured above.. But you know what that means!? Baby projects!! If you haven't already made either of these sweet gems, I'm here to tell you they're super easy! Baby legs tutorial here & binky clips here. Have fun!


  1. Hi Lyndsey! I randomly came across your blog today and everything you do is so cute and crafty!! I wish I could be so crafty! And is that your little baby??? How stinkin cute! I have a baby boy as well! I hope everything is going great for you.

  2. I just stumbled across this blog and I love it! You really need to contact me for a craft day every now and then. This mama could use some grown up time. You are so crafty and cute. Now I see why your family blog is neglected. You are busy making pretties. You are fabulous! Keep up the good work.


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