pots of moss

Spring has sprung! Made these MOSS POTS for a church dinner party last month. Went with a sophisticated "garden party" look. We used fresh white flowers and fruit from the gardens of many sisters. Put a little pot of moss at each place setting... thanks to Martha for the idea. Covered each pot with a glass, so it looked like a mini terrarium. Instead of using the pots for name cards, the tags read charity to go with the theme {Charity Never Faileth}. In case you were wondering, we had a salad & potato bar, served warm homemade rolls... AND enjoyed a slice of chocolate texas sheet cake covered with whip cream & chocolate shavings on top!

To make your own MOSS POTS, you will need:
1 1/2-inch terra-cotta pots
bag of floral sheet moss
print out name cards/tags
glue gun

Step 1. Pull off a bunch of moss.
Step 2. Fill the terra-cotta pot with moss.
Step 3. Shape the moss.
Step 4. Trim down twig.
Step 5. Insert twig in center.
Step 6. Glue the tag to twig.

This may be the finishing touch you need for your Easter dinner :)

I also planted {wheatgrass} the week before and it grew just in time!! Found the green and white shallow glass pots at the dollar store and the red wheat berries were only $0.89/lb in the bulk food section. This made PERFECT inexpensive spring decor!! It looked so fresh. I am ready to plant more for Easter....

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