Mobile - Chandelier

I saw this for sale on etsy and thought, "I can totally make that". So I did, and so can you! Unless you want to pay and get it off etsy :) Approx cost $5-6 (depending on what you already have)

- paper or paint swatches (shhh don't tell! jk)
- Circle template or paper punch (I used 4 diff sizes)
- wooden dowels
- scissors
-small hole puncher
- jewelry circles
- fishing line
- pencil (for tracing pattern if you don' t have paper punch)
- glue gun and glue stick (not pictured)

 First- Punch out your circles. 
I didn't have punches so I traced my circle and cute them out by hand. Not gonna lie, this was a little time consuming, but I had a whole week off from work :)

Second- If you don't have double sided paper or if you use paint swatches, glue 2 of the same size together. This might take a little planning; as far as what colors you have/want to use for which sizes. However, I think this is one of those projects that you can't mess up.

 Third- Once you've glued them all together lay them all out in the order that you want to hang them. Then start hole punching and hooking together. Note that the bottom circle only has one hole and the top circle I hooked 2 silver hoops together to hang on the dowel.

 Glue 2 dowels together as perfectly perpendicular as you can. Once you've got it where you want it, you can go around with extra glue to reinforce it. Then add you circle chains. Notice that the 4 inside chains are 1 circle longer than the 4 outside chains.

Beautiful and very inexpensive craft! I love it! I made this one for my little guy on the way :) Let me know if you have any questions!


 Click here for the original inspiration from etsy


  1. Yay, your mobile looks great!! I've got this linked to my mobiles post as well today, nice job!

  2. What are the dimensions of the circles and also the finished product?


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