Diaper Cupcakes

Diaper Cupcakes + Wrapped Onesies

I'm always looking for cute baby shower gift ideas.. Snagged this idea at a craft show last summer. The fun part is you can use anything you want!

Diaper Cupcake Tutorial:
What I used
- newborn diapers (my sister also used socks for variety)
- ribbon
- paper baking cups
- clear elastics
- wash cloths
- confetti strips
- hot glue

1.  Fold diaper long ways and roll up into cupcake shape. Secure with an elastic (little girl hair elastics worked well).
2.  Then grab your folded wash cloth and wrap around cupcake bottom. Secure that with ribbon and a dot of hot glue.
3.  Tie some ribbon for the cupcake topper.
4.  Put confetti strips in baking cup and place finished cupcake on top.

Wrapped Onesie Tutorial:
What I used
- onesies (again you could use burp cloths, blankets, etc)
- ribbon
- elastics
- cellophane

 Pretty much the same as above. Fold long ways and roll up! Secure with elastic. Wrap in cellophane and tie sides with ribbon. Cute, cute!!

I found some cute pink bakers boxes at a cupcake store to put them all in.

 Amber- You can post your pics too!

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  1. Lyndsey, I had no idea you have a craft blog! I am so glad I am here! We need to get together and make some fun things for Spring?? :)


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