Dipped Strawberries

Fun fact: Chocolate covered strawberries are super easy to do yourself! I recently made these for my friend's baby shower.

Ingredients I used
-Guittard Old Dutch (chocolate chips)
-Vanilla Drops (white chips)
-Red food coloring

First wash and dry your lovely strawberries.

Then melt your chips. I found these at "Kitchen Kneads", but I'm pretty sure you can find some at a craft store or even walmart depending on the time of year. I just used a regular cereal bowl (microwavable) and melted the chips in the microwave 30 sec at a time. For the pink, I just used some white chips and added a drop or two of red food coloring.

Now for the dipping! Pretty self explanatory.. cover the strawberry. Might be useful to have a spoon to help cover. Near the end, I had to tip my bowl to get good coverage. Place in the fridge for a few min before moving on.

Last thing.. the drizzle! Melt a few more chips of all the colors you'd like to use (unless you have some extra from the dipping). Place in a ziplock baggie and cut the corner. Drizzle over opposite colors. Note to self: the vanilla stuff comes out a lot faster than the chocolate, so be prepared :P

See, that wasn't so bad! Happy dipping!

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