{Christmas Advents} Magnet Board

 All this snow has got me excited for Christmas! This cute countdown was brought to you by my good friend Romney. She invited me over to craft it up at her place :]

Romney found this cute Christmas themed paper at the craft store. All she had to do was cut and laminate them. Then we attached magnets on the back of each one.

Then she printed off some fun Christmas/winter activities.. We cut them into little strips; folded them and placed one activity behind each magnet. Starting with December first, you and your family can enjoy fun activities as you countdown to Christmas! Some of the activities that were bigger, or took more time could be placed behind the days that fell on the weekend.

If you don't already have a magnet board.. they sell some at the craft store (usually unfinished).

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  1. Love that cute paper!! Such a good idea! If you ever need a crafting partner I'd be up for it.


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