add on {fabric flower}

  Here's a fun and easy flower that you can add to just about anything.

  Start out by cutting desired width of fabric the entire length of the ream. Keep in mind that the size of your flower will be double the size you cut. For this one I did 1 inch. For a less "fluffy" flower, do a shorter piece of fabric.

Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end. Then do a running stitch on one side from end to end, lightly pulling as you go.. it will start to curl up as you go.

When you get to the end, stitch through all layers so it holds together. For the middle.. You can use whatever you'd like: button, jewel etc. I used some leftover fabric to make a ball, then wrapped/sewed more fabric around it (so it makes a little pin cushion thingy). To each her own :]
 Lastly, decide what you want to attach it to.. pin, clip, headband, pillow, whatever!

There you have it! Here's a bigger one that I did with a shorter piece of fabric. Let me know if you have any questions :]

Credit goes to V and Co 


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