{lollipop tree}

I am SO happy this {RED} topiary tree is finished... started it five years ago.

Ran out of "seasonal" red berries, and
even moved twice since then. Picked it up again before Christmas 2009...
completed just in time for Valentine's Day 2011. (Seems to be the story of all my PROJECTS.) Inspired by Pottery Barn's holiday decor.

Just LOVE lollipop trees.

Topiary Tree Tutorial [w/out photos]:
+ styrofoam ball (I used 4")
+ red berry cluster Christmas floral spray (8 or more, different colors of red)
+ stick/branch (from yard)
+ floral foam (green)
+ clay pot
+ green leaf cluster
+ hot glue gun & glue sticks

STEP 1: Cut berries off the floral spray, leaving an inch or so of wire to stick into the foam ball.
STEP 2: Stick berries in foam, covering completely and overlapping some berries.
STEP 3: Add greenery sporadically. (The leaves I picked worked perfect for this project... pulling them off the stem left a hole between the 2 leaves. Place the berry wire through hole before putting it into the ball.)
STEP 4: Place the floral foam block(s) into the clay pot. Trimming foam down to size. Want it to fit snug. Hot glue together if needed.
STEP 5: Place the stick through the bottom of the styrofoam ball, leaving a space without berries. Push stick in an inch or so. Hot glue once in the "perfect" place.
STEP 6: Push other end of stick into the [clay pot] floral foam. Make sure your topiary tree stands straight/the way you want it... before hot gluing it in.
STEP 7: Cover the floral foam with the remaining green leaves. I think spanish moss would work too.

You're done! You could cover ball with just about ANYTHING. (Hot glue it in place... if it doesn't stick on its own.)

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