cute as a {button}

These cute earrings were one of the easiest craft projects I've ever done. I got the idea from a cute boutique in Seattle.. I was this close to buying a pair for $5 and I thought, "I can totally make these!" And so can YOU!

First- You'll need some earring post pads found at your local craft store. I found these at Michael's (PS- they're ok for sensitive ears). Also grab backs too.. I personally prefer the clear ones.

 Second- Find some cute buttons in the color you want. These came in a package of 75 I believe (Lot's of earrings!!) My sister, Amber, had a pair of button earrings in the 80's.. I think that's why I bought neon colors to recreate them :P

 Third- Place a dot of hot glue on the post pad and add your button! Easy as pie! Just be careful not to burn yourself. You can give these bad boys as a present, put them on your adorable little girl or keep them for yourself ;]

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  1. Blog surfing and found your cute idea. I may just have to give these away as presents. SO easy and so cute.


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